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Our Values

At Kona Ice, we make it our goal to Be good. Do good. For good.

As the largest food truck company in the world, we don’t want to just serve our communities, we want to give back to our communities. To date, we have raised over $135 million for schools, sports teams, and organizations across the country. We are constantly growing, innovating, and finding better ways to improve Kona Ice on a holistic level.

With our one-of-a-kind Flavorwave, tropical tunes, and unique truck experience, we make it our goal to put a smile on every guest’s face. We want to help you have the best birthday party ever. Or the best corporate picnic. Or the best soccer game, or track and field day, or…you get the idea. We want you to have the best day ever, and we want to be part of it!

Our Products

Our Konas are always a nutritious and delicious treat. We have three proprietary blends: Klassic, Vita-Blend, and Fruit First. Our Vita-Blend Konas contain 40% less sugar, are fortified with vitamins C & D, and have lower calories. Fruit First Konas have fruit as the first ingredient and are USDA Smart Snack approved. 

Our trucks also carry sugar-free and dye-free flavors. We want everyone who comes up to the Kona Ice truck to have delicious options to choose from, regardless of dietary or nutritional restrictions. With a variety of flavors to choose from (like Piña Colada and Tiger’s Blood), we truly believe there is something for everyone to love!

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